Maranatha Senior School Harare

Maranatha Christian High School family welcomes you parents and guardians. The school offers a unique package of education to learners as it is a conception of the new demands of the globalised economy which is characterized by high unemployment rate the world over. The school’s educational package involves amongst others:

  1. A diverse academic curriculum meant to tickle the sleeping giant in the child.
  2. An international qualification offered under the auspices of Cambridge examinations. We are a Cambridge centre.
  3. Every child does entrepreneurship studies, the problem solving approach to learning
  4. The school offers learner driving lessons to all pupils who are 16 years and above.
  5. Cultural exchange programs with other schools in the world which help to expose the learner and unlock potential in them.
  6. School on the shop floor program which takes the learners to where it is all happening in the corporate world and industry for 2 to 3 weeks at Form 3 and L6 over term 1 vacation.
  7. We have introduced renewable energy as a new innovation to sensitize learners with a sound knowledge of the energy crisis that is now a reality globally.