Message From The Acting Head

it is my singular honour to welcome you all to Maranatha Christian High School. MCHS is also a product of the new and emerging philosophy that education must be related to the world of work. Commentators have noted the obvious missing link between schools and industry in Zimbabwe. MCHS was born to reduce this gap. Hence, we aim to produce graduates with appreciation of the world of work but who are God fearing and ready to exploit the business opportunities awaiting them globally. Maranatha Christian High offers a number of unique services to learners as we seek to produce learners who are fully equipped to deal with the changing and dynamic society where school leavers must be employable and at the same time capable of creating employment on their own. We seek to produce learners who are dynamic and with purpose and vision and the ability to make a difference in society. Our theme of excellence resonates on issues to do with entrepreneurship and legacy building. Hence, we aim to produce champions who will make a mark in their areas of speciality.